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Principals Message

A Message from John O'DonnellPrincipal

Valley Center Prep is a school for independent study and home school students in grades K–12.  Our purpose is to join efforts with parents to provide a quality learning experience for our students in order to prepare them for college and careers.  Enrollment in our school is by choice and provides the opportunity for students to pursue various educational and extra-curricular activities while meeting the educational requirements of the Valley Center Pauma Unified School District.  
Students meet individually with a supervising teacher once per week to turn in assignments, take assessments and go over the week’s lessons. Many of those attending VCPS appreciate the flexibility of creating their own school schedules surrounding their involvement with sports, music, acting, employment, or attending our local Palomar Community College. Students are responsible for a minimum of twenty hours per week of academic work and are regularly assessed for progress.

While state adopted textbooks are utilized, students are encouraged to access their curriculum through a variety of methods and media: online curriculum, iPads, project-based learning, and computer lab research.  In addition to establishing academic goals for our students, a strong emphasis is placed on learning self-motivation and self-discipline to develop the skills necessary for college and career success.